Duct Cleaning Melbourne


Mark’s Duct Cleaning is Melbourne’s most experienced industrial air duct and HVAC cleaning company. We are a leading supplier and installer of air filters associated with air ducts, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

With experience ranging across all industries including Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Retail, Health and Government, Mark’s Duct Cleaning have the capability to cater for all of your duct cleaning, indoor air quality and filter needs.


Mark’s Duct Cleaning Melbourne’s specializes in the cleaning and decontamination of ducted air systems.

We offer the following services:

  • Commercial, industrial and domestic air conditioning systems cleaning.
  • Air handling units, fan coil units, and evaporative cooling units. Pre commissioning cleaning and certification.
  • Cooling and heating coil cleaning and VAV boxes.
  • Disinfection processes.
  • Infection control strategies.
  • System hygiene status reporting including microbial swabbing, dust sampling.
  • Photographic records and technical reports.
  • Multi storey supply, fresh air exhaust and return air risers.
  • Duct insulation sealing, repair or removal.
  • Car park supply and exhaust cleaning.
  • Toilet and laundry exhaust systems cleaning.
  • Kitchen exhaust system cleaning.


We also offer a unique capability in the cleaning of mechanical engineering services for the commercial, industrial and utilities sectors.

  • Plantroom Cleaning :- Routine cleaning of plantrooms including equipment interior and exterior, overhead lights, ducts, floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • Air conditioning systems:- Including the supply and return air ducts, air handling units including fans and dampers.
  • Toilet, bathroom and shower exhaust systems:- Removal of accumulated lint and dust from the registers and ducts to improve odour and steam laden air removal.
  • Carpark Supply and Exhaust Systems:- Removal of accumulated carbon and dust on exhaust ducts and registers to improve exhaust performance.
  • Coil Cleaning:- Including the high pressure detergent washing of cooling and heating coils on package and built up air conditioning plants. The coils are then treated with approved applicant to minimize the growth of mould spores.
  • Mould Remediation Work:- Complete inspection, report and rectification of areas of HVAC systems affected by the ingress of moisture resulting in a buildup of mould contaminants in the system.


Mark’s Duct Cleaning specializes in the supply, service and installation of washable and disposable air filters installed in HVAC, commercial kitchen exhausts, industrial process supply air, and exhaust systems. We are one of the few companies who can offer a complete, packaged solution.

Refurbishment and upgrade We provide a refurbishment and upgrade service to worn, damaged, and poorly-performing filter installations, including:

  • Roll filter and auto MVO replacement with high efficiency, low maintenance bag filters.
  • Dismantling and removal of electrostatic filters and replacement with low maintenance, high efficiency pocket filters.
  • Upgrade of panel filters in fan coil units and package units to long-life panels.


Mark’s Duct Cleaning Melbourne values the long term relationships that we build with our clients. As partners in the maintenance of high quality indoor air, our IAQ services extend to:

  • Air Quality testing of HVAC systems in accordance with the Property Council of Australia’s Guidelines. Testing may include but is not limited to Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature, relative humidity and volatile organic compounds.
  • Microbiological and chemical analysis of particulates including photographic images and detailed reports.
  • Mould Remediation Work – We also offer a complete inspection, report and rectification of areas of HVAC systems affected by the ingress of moisture resulting in a build up of mould contaminants in the system.


Air handling units and ducts contaminated with dust, mould and mildew are the perfect breeding grounds for bacterial growth, spreading through the building’s duct system into the air you breathe.

Clean air is not only important to a building’s occupants. As an employer or building owner, you are legally responsible for providing a safe workplace, free of foreseeable risks that may result from a contaminated HVAC system.

Preventative maintenance contracts can be tailored to suit your building’s requirements. These may include:

  • Periodic cleaning of return air and outside air ducts
  • Inspection and repair of air filter bypass
  • Good “housekeeping” practices on HVAC hygiene.

Not only does this provide a legally defendable position, it also makes good business sense.


Mark’s Duct Cleaning commenced business in Melbourne in August 2003 providing the specialized services of HVAC hygiene cleaning, exhaust duct cleaning and air filter service and replacement. We have since expanded our business to include offices in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Mark’s Duct Cleaning is also a long standing member of the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) and the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association (AREMA) – Air filter products division.




Mark’s Duct Cleaning seeks energetic and focused people who become switched on to the industry in which they work. We offer a range of career opportunities across a diverse range of industry divisions and locations throughout Melbourne, VIC.

Mark’s Duct Cleaning Melbourne is dedicated to encouraging a safe work environment where people respect, value and recognizes the efforts of one another and where people support each other. It is Marksductcleainng’s objective to attract, retain, reward and develop the best people for our organization.